Knive's Mom's House Fire Recovery Fundraiser

This passed Tuesday morning my mom was in her home sleeping, slightly sedated after taking her blood pressure medication. She was woken up by the sounds of fire alarms blaring. Her Christmas tree had caught fire from over-heated lights and set the whole living room ablaze. My mom got up, grabbed the dog and my little sister's hamster and ran out. Only seconds later an explosion went off inside and the roof collapsed. By the time the firefighters came and handled the situation, she had lost everything she and my 9 year old sister own. My mom has no insurance. Any chance of recovering and getting her life back together is going to be an extremely uphill battle. I ask that you donate here to help me help my mom. It will all be greatly appreciated! God bless

You can donate at the link on top, middle, and bottom of this page.

The roof directly above Mom's bed
Living room wall with direct view to sister's room
corner of living room
View of living room from outside

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$234 donation from our great customers at


I hope that you'll accept our donation of $234 from our customers at and We held a raffle in support of your family during this extremely challenging time, and folks really came through. Thanks to for the prize joystick case, and to our customers for helping a fellow player.

Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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