Knive's Mom's House Fire Recovery Fundraiser

This passed Tuesday morning my mom was in her home sleeping, slightly sedated after taking her blood pressure medication. She was woken up by the sounds of fire alarms blaring. Her Christmas tree had caught fire from over-heated lights and set the whole living room ablaze. My mom got up, grabbed the dog and my little sister's hamster and ran out. Only seconds later an explosion went off inside and the roof collapsed. By the time the firefighters came and handled the situation, she had lost everything she and my 9 year old sister own. My mom has no insurance. Any chance of recovering and getting her life back together is going to be an extremely uphill battle. I ask that you donate here to help me help my mom. It will all be greatly appreciated! God bless

You can donate at the link on top, middle, and bottom of this page.

The roof directly above Mom's bed
Living room wall with direct view to sister's room
corner of living room
View of living room from outside

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Low on cash but still want to help

As the question states, I would love to help but I don't have much cash on me at the moment (actually over withdrawn at the moment). How else could I help? I live in socal if I could do something?

I've never donated before.

I've always been greedy with money. But now I'm proud to be part of two communities. The fighting game community, and the My little pony community. The latter has recently broken through my icy heart and shown me one of the elements of harmony and friendship known as generosity. So here is my donation from me to you and hope this brings you and your loved ones a smile smile smile. Best of luck recovering.

I would do more if I could. Best of luck.

Just donated. My heart is out to you man. Keep heads held high and hearts strong and some good will come of this.

Good luck on this! Best wishes from Chile

Just donated 5 bucks, I wish I could donate more :/
God bless you all and let's show some Xmas friendship to this people.

Hope I get to know the US FGC someday, it's hard for me, so much money for travelling there, but never miss streams about Marvel, rooting for Magnus players.

I wish you good luck and hope Knives & family get well soon!

A big thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts and donations. A simple "thank you" is not enough to express how grateful our family is to everyone. If you're not able to donate your prayers, positive thoughts, and messages are very much appreciated (Let us know where you're at). My little sister loves to hear that others are thinking of her, specially the gaming community since it holds a big place in Kn1v3s heart. Mom and little sister never miss a single match on stream.
With Much Love
Family :)

I wish you the best man. Hope you guys get the home back together and you can all just X-FACTOR and comeback from all the troubles. Happy Holidays and god bless.

Everything will be alright. Don't need to worry, I'm sure your brother and his friends will take care of everything.

Esteban Wolf and all the rest of your friends from mexico here! Next week we will hold a tournament to raise lots of money for your family to send it to you guys! We will record an encouraging message for you guys to see in case you feel down and we will try to buy you toys and other stuff so you can play with it.

Best regards
-The mexican fgc

Exactly as wolf says some Mexican players are supporting the cause and try to raise some money for you.
Many blessings to you and we are with you

Our hearts go out to you and your family and we be holding this tournament to help as much as we can :)

Our best wishes from all the mexican fgc!

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your mama. Everything may seem bad right now, but everything will be okay :) Just keep your head up, and smiling. You will see that things will go back to normal with the help of your family, friends, and theses beautiful people that are doing their best to get you there.

With lots of love,
Stephanie ( One of Raymundo's buddies) :D

Everything is going to be ok. Don't be discouraged by this accident. You have a very loving family who will help you if you need anything so don't be sad ok? Your brother and his gamer nerd friends are going to help also. We are all on your side to help!

Josie, I can't even begin to imagine what you guys must be going through. I'm trying to help your brother get as much support as we can to help you get through this as painlessly as possible. I admire all you are doing to help your family out in this situation and I will continue to help as much as I can. Please let us know anything we can do to help.

Y para la mama Ruballos. Todo va a estar bien muy pronto. No se preocupe que su hijo y sus amigos la van a ayudar.

- Danny (aka Ray's gamer friend from santa clarita)

I told my mom about your situation and told her I donated $50. She then proceeded to say "I'll donate $50 too." I love my mom and from one mother-and-son to another, our hearts are with you.

$25 from Australia

I've never met you [or your mother] and I doubt I ever will. Reading this I immediately thought of my own family and how devastating it would be if this happened to us. Stay strong.

The FGC worldwide has your back.

$234 donation from our great customers at


I hope that you'll accept our donation of $234 from our customers at and We held a raffle in support of your family during this extremely challenging time, and folks really came through. Thanks to for the prize joystick case, and to our customers for helping a fellow player.

Jaleel Beck
Final Boss

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